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Written by
Michele Wallerstein

“One of the most insightful and helpful books I’ve ever read about writing for TV and film and the entertainment business in general. I only wish it had been published when I was starting out in the business.”   

“Any screenwriter who thinks he or she knows what an agent ‘should do’ should read Michele Wallerstein’s straightforward book – a veteran agent’s glimpse into how the film world actually wheels and deals. Do yourself a favor and learn what an agent can and can’t do – and why.”   


“What is an agent?  What does an agent expect of a writer and what can a writer expect from an agent?  In MIND YOUR BUSINESS: A Hollywood Literary Agent's Guide to Your Writing Career, author and former agent Michele Wallerstein answers all of these questions and much more!  Wallerstein gives screenwriters an inside look at navigating the rough waters of Tinsel Town!” 


“It's rare to be able to put an author's words into action as quickly as I have--I can already attest to the beauty of your advice!”


“A must-read for writers wanting to break into the business and a good reference for industry professionals. It's fun, honest and informative, with no frills, like Wallerstein herself.”  


“Former Hollywood literary agent Michele Wallerstein will become your “new best

friend” as she reveals to you the secrets of maneuvering in the world of Hollywood

story-selling. She will help you open doors you didn’t know were there.  This easy-to-read book includes valuable information on the agent/client relationship, how to network successfully, and the differences between agents, personal managers, business managers, and lawyers, as well as how to write an effective query letter, what’s hot and what’s not, and much more.  “In Mind Your Business, veteran lit agent Michele Wallerstein gives you a perspective another writer won’t. Minding your business – and agenting your agent – is almost as important as your screenwriting craft. When I was starting out, Ms. Wallerstein was one of the agents people recommended I contact. She really knows her stuff. Check it out.” 

Available at:  www.amazon.com, The Writers Store in Burbank, CA, local book stores, or order a signed copy directly from Michele email her at:  writerconsultant67@gmail.com  ($20.00 includes shipping charges)