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Memberships and Special Services:

1.    Board of Directors and Executive Vice-President of   WOMEN IN FILM

2.    Agents Advisory Board of Creative Screenwriting Magazine

3.    Member of Academy of Television Arts and Sciences

4.    ATAS Blue Ribbon Emmy Voting Panel

5.    Interviewed in Los Angeles Times Sunday Calendar article on

       age discrimination in Hollywood

6.    Interviewed in SCRIPT Magazine on Managing Your Agent Or


7.     Interviewed in Directing your Directing Career by K Callan

8.     Interviewed in The Screenwriters Guide to Agents and Managers

        by John Scott Lewinski

9.    Interviewed in Mollie Gregory’s Women Who Run The Show

10.  Teacher at UCLA “The Business of Your Writing Career”

11.    Monthly column for Script Magazine 


Also listed, cited and/or quoted in numerous other entertainment industry books, web sites, magazines and journals.